Kim Fuller

The SelfisoLate Show

Hosted by Lewis Macleod, this comedy show was made during the 2020 lockdown.

Starring: Ronni Ancona,  Kate O’Sullivan, Jess Robinson, Ford Kiernan, Kathleen Ellis, Alex Lowe.

How I wasted my time on a Piers Morgan Clone

A cautionary story of what happens when a girl falls for a twat.
Based on a TRUE story.

Who is Ferdinand de Bargos?

After two series of random programmes which had no discernible purpose or structure, the producers decided to focus on revealing more about the eponymous character behind the show.

The result was this ridiculously uninformative yet sporadically entertaining documentary which examines the legendary, enigmatic genius known to the world as: Ferdinand de Bargos.

Jim Broadbent, Joanna Brookes, Jon Glover, Enn Reitel, Steve Steen.



Captain Covid

Thrill to the first adventure of Captain Covid as he tries to discover which
mysterious forces are eliminating scientists working on a Covid vaccine.

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Of Love and Pandas.

The pandas in London Zoo aren’t feeling the love. Dr Arnold McFaddyan is called in to help. The consequences are as unforeseen as they are disastrous.
Told By:
Jim Broadbent, Enn Reitel, Peter Bland, Kate Robbins, Caroline Leddy.


The Fall of Scott Gigawatt

As superhero Scott Gigawatt roams the universe seeking out evil forces to confront, he meets a powerful adversary who threatens his own life.

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Top 10 Covid Tunes

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